A warm welcome to Stars National Initiative.

We are a hub of information, guidance and resources on parental drug and alcohol misuse, and the impact it has upon children and families.

Through our work we promote the voices of children and young people, seek to influence policy and practice, and undertake training and consultancy work.

We work as part of The Children's Society and provide a wide range of information and resources around Hidden Harm, including: 

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New: Letter to my dad: A powerful letter written by a young carer to his dad before he entered detox has been shared by Gloucestershire Young Carers. They hope the letter will help other children, young people and families in similar situations.

New film: This original and compelling documentary, Chasing Dad: A Lifelong Addiction, depicts one father's long-term struggle with heroin addiction, told through the uniquely intimte perspective of his own son. The film by Phillip Wood contains strong language and some upsetting scenes.

New blog: Our April 2016 blog is a guest post from Catalyst, looking at a Family and Friends meeting and the support the organisation offers to those affected by another's substance use.

New films: Two films exploring the hidden harm of alcohol and its effects on young people in the home have been produced by Public Health Suffolk. 'Don't bring the pub home' part one looks at binge drinking and part two looks at missed moments in childhood.

New research: Research involving 1,000 children in Northern Ireland has suggested that one in five parents were "problem drinkers". Those families experienced more separations and divorces, their children were found to spend more time outside the home and felt less attachment to school. An apparent link between alcohol abuse and suicidal behaviour was also identified.  Read more detail about the research.