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We are a hub of information, guidance and resources on parental drug and alcohol misuse, and the impact it has upon children and families.

Through our work we promote the voices of children and young people, seek to influence policy and practice, and undertake training and consultancy work.

We work as part of The Children's Society and provide a wide range of information and resources around Hidden Harm, including: 

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New campaign: Liam Byrne, the Labour MP and former Government minister, has launched a campaign to call for more support for children of parents with alcohol problems. Liam Byrne, and the new All-Party Parliamentary Group on Children of Alcoholics he chairs, contacted local authorities across England to ask about the support they offered to the estimated 2.6 million children living with someone drinking to hazardous levels. 138 of 150 councils responded, with none having a specific strategy in place to support children of parents with alcohol problems. The research also found that budgets for alcohol treatment were generally flat or falling, despite hospital admissions for alcohol problems rising. Read more in this news article.

New exhibition tour: Hidden, a compelling photography exhibition highlighting the lives of young carers is now on tour across the country. In February it will be on show in Wolverhampton and Birmingham and you can find out more about the exhibition and upcoming dates.

New impact report: Trevi House, a unique residential rehabilitation unit offering treatment to women with alcohol and/or drug related problems, has published its impact report 2016. You can read more about the work of Trevi House in their thought-provoking blog post for us.

New blog: Our February blog looks at Children of Alcoholics (COA) Week which aims to give a voice to the 1 in 5 children affected by their parents' drinking.

New e-learning: A series of new resources is to provide a basic understanding of a number of substance-related topics to inform and develop practice. They include presentations, film clips from experts (both service users and professionals), animations, individual and group exercises, and practice scenarios. There is a specific module on the impact of parental substance use on children.