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We are a hub of information, guidance and resources on parental drug and alcohol misuse, and the impact it has upon children and families.

Through our work we promote the voices of children and young people, seek to influence policy and practice, and undertake training and consultancy work.

We work as part of The Children's Society and provide a wide range of information and resources around Hidden Harm, including: 

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Carers toolkit: NHS England has published an integrated approach to identifying and assessing carer health and wellbeing. The new approach provides a toolkit to encourage positive practice to support carers and their families. Helen Leadbitter, Operational Programme Manager at The Children’s Society said: “We welcome the publication of this toolkit which has the potential to help ensure that England’s 170,000 young carers and their families get the support the need at the time they need it.” Find out more young carers news.

Hidden Harm resources: A series of Hidden Harm worksheets for use with younger children have been collected by members of the Pan London Parental Substance Misuse Forum. The resources are available to download for free.

Blog: Our May 2016 blog looks at the positive impacts of a national programme created to support young carers in schools.

Letter to my dad: A powerful letter written by a young carer to his dad before he entered detox has been shared by Gloucestershire Young Carers. They hope the letter will help other children, young people and families in similar situations.