A warm welcome to Stars National Initiative.

We are a hub of information, guidance and resources on parental drug and alcohol misuse, and the impact it has upon children and families.

Through our work we promote the voices of children and young people, seek to influence policy and practice, and undertake training and consultancy work.

We work as part of The Children's Society and provide a wide range of information and resources, including: 

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New blog: Our August blog uses the summer holidays to reflect on young carers in schools and the important role staff can play in supporting them. Links to useful resources are included too.

New report: Alcohol’s harm to others - this report from the Institute of Alcohol Studies examines how alcohol affects people other than the drinker. It looks at a variety of ways in which more than 2,000 people have been harmed by other people’s drinking including physical violence, relationship problems and negative impacts on children.

New exhibition: A powerful exhibition expressing thoughts, feelings and stories has been created by children and young people affected by parental substance misuse. The Children’s Society Community Hidden Harm Awareness team (CHHAT) in Essex works with affected children and young people and ran a 12-week creative art therapy programme ending in an exhibition to celebrate the young carer’s amazing achievements and reward their contributions

Newly revised booklet: We have revised and updated our very popular 'You are not on your own' booklet. The resource helps children and young people talk about a parent's drinking. Printed copies are available to order and you can also download the booklet from us.